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As a family-owned company, we value our rich history and tradition of developing and producing great-tasting products. Our customers look to us for refreshing, extraordinary beverages and we have made it our mission to deliver that time and time again. By producing high quality beverages that embrace the individuality of our consumers, our drinks are sure to satisfy everyone's taste buds. We make sure our customers are getting the best flavor in every single can and bottle.

1922 - Charles D. Little along with partner Joe S. Foster established Good Grape Company to market their newly developed grape soda

1933 - The cola formula is perfected and marketed in 12 oz bottles (double the size of competitors) and named Double Cola.

1934 - Double-Dry ginger ale and Tonic water are trademarked

1981 - K.J. International, Inc., a London-based company, purchases the company and it becomes The Double Cola Company-USA. JUMBO, the fruit-flavored soda line of Double Cola, received updates to packaging and reintroduced during this time as well. Alnoor Dhanani, who spent his formative years in Africa, Asia, and Europe, brought an international flair to the company when his family acquired it in 1981.

1999 - Corporate headquarters for The Double Cola Company moves to Market Street in downtown Chattanooga.