Vilajuïga Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water

Vilajuïga Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water
Vilajuïga Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water
Vilajuïga Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water

Vilajuïga original lightly sparking water, is a naturally carbonated mineral water (without added carbon dioxide). Faithful to its original composition since 1904, it has preserved its organoleptic properties intact for over a century.

The natural carbonated bubbles in Vilajuïga water are smaller and more numerous than those found in water with added carbon dioxide (CO2). For this reason, Vilajuïga water is lightly sparkling, with subtle bubbles that give the water its delicate mouthfeel and truly unique taste. Vilajuïga water is not only an excellent addition to the table; it is also a great ally in terms of health, having been declared mineral-medicinal on July 15, 1904.

"Vilajuïga water has a very delicate sparkle: a unique texture that softly envelops the palate and a taste that ensures maximum respect for the dishes being served." -Ferran Centelles (Sommelier and Director of Beverages at elBulli Foundation).

The organoleptic qualities of Vilajuïga water, allied to its lightness and the sensation of freshness on the palate, combine perfectly with the gastronomic experience of fine dining, since it does not demand or impose itself. Its soft carbonation helps to gently cleanse the palate, allowing the taste buds to appreciate the quality of fine wines, cava, champagne, dessert wine, coffee and tea.

The unique taste of Vilajuïga is the result of a 30-year journey that begins when the rain falls on the hills around Cap de Creus. The water permeates the subsoil, gradually absorbing minerals such as magnesium, sodium, calcium, lithium, and bicarbonates, which give life to its natural fizzy bubbles.

Mineral composition (mg/L):

  • Dry residue at 180 ºC - 1630
  • Bicarbonate (HCO3) - 1550
  • Chloride (Cl) - 221
  • Lithium (Li) - 0,88
  • Sodium (Na) - 568
  • Fluoride (F) - 2,7

Yes, the bottle is designed to be asymmetrical. From a region of Spain shaped by the winds of the Tramuntana, with rocks sculpted by the rain and a landscape eroded over the course of centuries. These traits are typical of the Empordà region and have inspired the design of the new bottle for Vilajuïga water. Its bold asymmetrical shape and the beautiful imperfection of its organic forms leave no doubt that only a truly unique water could be presented in such a singular way.

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