Socosani Mineral Water

Socosani Mineral Water

Socosani Superior Mineral Water. Still water.

As snow melt is filtered through the crater of the Chachani Volcano, Socosani water naturally absorbs good-for-you minerals. The waters from the Chachani Volcano, located in Arequipa, Peru at 6,057 meters above sea level, filter from its snowy summit into the Socosani Valley, where it emerges naturally and gives rise to springs of natural mineral water. And it is packaged right at the source to keep all its health benefits intact and untouched.

This oasis in the middle of the desert is our most precious asset. Due to its isolated location, it naturally protects the natural mineral water springs and has preserved them for hundreds of years. Our drop is nourished by the embroidery of the Colca Valley and represents the symbols that fill every Arequipeño with pride: our powerful volcanoes, pure springs of natural mineral water, and valleys of exuberant flora and fauna.

Mineral content (mg/L):

  • Bicarbonates - 1239
  • Calcium - 140
  • Magnesium - 89
  • Potassium - 16
  • Silica - 108
  • Sodium - 225


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