Vilajuïga Extra Sparkling Mineral Water

Vilajuïga Extra Sparkling Mineral Water
Vilajuïga Extra Sparkling Mineral Water Label
Vilajuïga Extra Sparkling Mineral Water
Vilajuïga Més Gas Sparkling Mineral Water

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The original Vilajuïga water, fortified with additional carbonation. A bold and effervescent water that, despite having a higher gas content, a combination of natural and added, is delicately balanced as the gas bubbles increase in number rather than size.

The new formulation of Vilajuïga, respectful of its origin, for those who love water with more fizz.

Us presentem la nova elaboració de Vilajuïga, respectuosa amb el seu origen, pels amants de l'aigua amb més gas.

Mineral composition (mg/L):

  • Dry residue at 180 ºC - 1630
  • Bicarbonate (HCO3) - 1550
  • Chloride (Cl) - 221
  • Lithium (Li) - 0,88
  • Sodium (Na) - 568
  • Fluoride (F) - 2,7

Yes, the bottle is designed to be asymmetrical. From a region of Spain shaped by the winds of the Tramuntana, with rocks sculpted by the rain and a landscape eroded over the course of centuries. These traits are typical of the Empordà region and have inspired the design of the new bottle for Vilajuïga water. Its bold asymmetrical shape and the beautiful imperfection of its organic forms leave no doubt that only a truly unique water could be presented in such a singular way.

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Loving the asymmetrical bottle design. Clean, simple, but makes you look at it again to understand what's happening. Label and writing all but disappear, giving you enough area to grip the bottle properly if it's moist from being chilled, but without blocking your view of the beautiful water inside. The extra fizz is nice also.