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SKI is a citrus soda that was introduced in 1956. Touted as liquid gold, SKI has been making waves in the soda market ever since its arrival.

SKI? It’s more than just a great tasting, unique soda. Yes, it is made with real orange and lemon juices (always has been, always will be). Yes, the flavor was so good from the beginning that the recipe hasn’t changed since 1956. And yes, every batch is small and a sample gets sent to our Chattanooga office to be tested for quality by our wonderful chemist Emily.

But that’s all second to the dedicated and passionate SKI drinkers (one could say fans) scattered across the eastern, mid-western States and beyond. We take pride in creating an amazing, one-of-a-kind citrus soda that wows time after time, not just for us, but the die-hard fans that believed in us from the beginning. 

C'mon! See what all the commotion is about and try SKI for yourself!