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Rivella AG is the largest group of companies for branded soft drinks of Swiss origin and has established itself as a constant in the country's society and culture.

  • With an awareness level of 93%, Rivella is one of the strongest brands in Switzerland.
  • Rivella is number 2 in the Swiss soft drinks market.
  • Swiss quality and tradition as well as the constant search for something special: that is Rivella.
  • Rivella is one of the top 10 power brands in Switzerland. (Source: Brand Asset Valuator 2020).

The company was founded in 1952 by pioneer and Rivella inventor Robert Barth. Today, Rivella, the Michel brand fruit juice products and the FOCUS WATER vitamin water belong to the company. In the early 1950s, while studying law, Robert Barth was working on a drink that was to be unlike anything else. When choosing the name, the young Swiss was inspired by the Ticino town of Riva San Vitale and the Italian word Rivelazione, revelation. Rivella was finally launched in 1952.

We live in a society in which issues such as fairness, equality, health and the sustainable use of resources are becoming increasingly relevant. We contribute our part to this development. Our consumers, business partners and society have placed a lot of trust in us as a successful and popular Swiss beverage company for decades. The following rules of conduct, which are based on our corporate values, are intended to be both a guide and a benchmark in our day-to-day business so that we can encourage more people to lead an active and healthy life.

Not only do we want to be one of the most successfully growing beverage companies in Switzerland, we also want to establish ourselves in selected foreign markets. Today, the Rivella company generates around 25 percent of its sales outside of Switzerland. The gradual expansion of the export business is one of our strategic growth pillars.

Rivella brands are exported to France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Rivella brands are also limitedly available through individual importers in Germany, Australia, USA, and Korea, and worldwide through online retailers shipping sales.

2022 Stats:

Net sales revenue: CHF 132 million.

Full time employees: 237