PRAN-RFL Group Logo


PRAN-RFL Group (প্রাণ-আরএফএল গ্রুপ) is a Bangladeshi consumer goods conglomerate, founded in 1981. The company is known for its diversified business portfolio, including food and beverage, plastic products, and agricultural machinery.

PRAN is the largest food-beverage company in Bangladesh.

PRAN means life, and we stand for the taste of life. Every day we’re sending out this taste to 145 countries with our numerous agro-food products of 10 different categories, including snacks, confectionery, dairy, juices, carbonated beverages, mineral water, baked items, culinary, drinks and biscuits. We’re the largest food-beverage company in Bangladesh and admired by millions of people globally. Since the beginning of PRAN in 1981, we’ve been working to improve rural livelihood by contributing to the rural and national economies, creating employment and exporting. PRAN has devoted itself to the betterment of society and environment. That’s why we’re continuously extending our help to the communities and finding ways to reduce our environmental footprints to achieve a greener earth.