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KOIOS is a science-based approach to nutrition and human optimization. The Industrial Age is being replaced by the analytical and Information Age which is putting more strain on our brains and bodies. It is also putting demands on all of us to perform mentally day in and day out. However, many of us do not get the nutrients we need to perform at our best. When you take control of your biology by feeding it the right nutrients the world is yours. We have been on a quest for the past five years to develop products using natural ingredients that can help you perform your best mentally day to day.

Koios was born out of the personal struggles of its founder and CEO, Chris Miller, who has ADHD. Miller found that the symptoms of his condition held him back when navigating the competitive modern workplace. Unhappy with the effects of the Adderall he was prescribed, Chris began a search for a natural remedy that would improve his attention and mental capacity.

After some time Chris found that Coffee and energy drinks were no longer helping. Eventually, he was drinking so much caffeine that he started to notice negative and troubling health effects. He believed there had to be a better way. Better technology that the earth was providing that he could implement and not only boost his daily performance but take care of his brain and body long-term. After years of experiments and with the help of leading scientists, he developed Koios, named after the Greek Titan who represented rational intelligence.