Sea Water Unsalted Sparkling Water

Sea Water Unsalted Sparkling Water

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Unsalted (desalinated) sparkling water from the ocean. Nothing salty here. The name SEA Water™ refers to the source where we get our water from: our oceans. Covering 70% of the earth’ surface, by far the biggest water source in the world! Nothing refreshes like the ocean.

SEA Water™ is a Dutch, innovative water brand, specialized in high-quality water solutions, powered by renewable energy. Our unsalted water is remineralized in a natural way. This means after we take out the salt, we put all the good stuff back in. For the water nerds (mineral analysis, mg/l): Ca2+ 20; CI- 24; HCO3- 189; Mg2+ 2,4; K+ 3,9; Na+ 16; SO42- 9,6; pH 7,5.

The technique of desalination is not new. The process has been used by many people over many years, but not in the way we do. Reverse osmosis used to be very energy intensive, complex and powered by fossil fuels. By redesigning the system together with our technology partners, we make use of a compact, energy efficient setup, that relies fully on solar and wind energy.

We’re working with a very energy efficient, solar-powered, reverse osmosis technology to filter the salt and other unwanted stuff out of seawater. This basically means we efficiently press seawater through a filter – powered only by the sun and wind.

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