Sant Aniol Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

Sant Aniol Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

Sant Aniol’s Sparkling Natural Mineral Water presents a balanced mineral composition. Carbonation added (amb gas carbonic afegit). Sant Aniol’s water has filtrated over thousands of years through volcanic rocks in Garrotxa Natural Park and is the only one from volcanic origin in the Iberian Peninsula. Its composition is rich in minerals. From within a land that the lava created thousands of years ago flows Sant Aniol’s water, the one and only with volcanic origin in the Iberian Peninsula. Arising from Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, Sant Aniol’s water finds its singularity in its source, materialised not only in its unique composition and traits, but also in its distinctive nature: the Volcanic Spirit. Sant Aniol is Volcanic Spirit. Sometimes calm water, sometimes swirling water. It is intensity and improvement. It has the strength of an active volcano, as well as the quietness of a dormant one.

Mineral composition (mg/L):

  • Dry Residue at 180º - 313mg
  • Bicarbonate - 344.4
  • Calcium - 91.9
  • Magnesium - 17.5
  • Sodium - 7

The combination of its elements helps to purify our bodies. It also helps to prevent urinary tract infections as well as to reduce uric acid and cholesterol. To avoid overloading children below the age of 1 with sodium, it is recommended to give them water that contains less than 20 mg/l. Sant Aniol is low in sodium (7 mg/l) and it can be used to prepare food for children. The amount of calcium in the water of Sant Aniol is excellent for all ages and necessary for a properly functioning heart and muscles, as well as to reinforce our bones as our body begins to age.

Bottle designs are intended to resemble the natural volcanic rock formations of the area where the water is from.

Returnable glass bottle.

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