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Santa Cruz Organic Beverages delicious, refreshing, and always organic. We’ve got more than 40 juices, blends, and sauces, all made with the exact same care— here are your favorites.

Our story begins with revitalized orchards in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Nature-lover and Founder John Battendieri had a vision for what organic food could become. He spent the early 1970’s rescuing high-quality, flavorful organic fruits from revived orchards to press into delicious and bold ‘Mr. Natural’ juices to share.

The spirit of those first organic orchards lives on in the Santa Cruz Organic® brand you see today. After this first venture, Battendieri began the company we know as Santa Cruz Organic®, and now our organic products range from fruit juices to blends, lemonades, sauces and more. We believe nature itself is the truest form of art. We choose to partner with farmers who share our commitment to sustainability. Each year, we buy our fruit from hundreds of carefully selected organic growers, who represent thousands of acres dedicated to organic practices. In our opinion, high-quality organic fruit makes the most delicious products. From harvest to table, we’re thinking about how we can make the highest quality products in sustainable, environmentally friendly ways.

This is nature, uncensored.