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While other colas simply go with the flow, RC Cola continues to stand for individuality.

RC Cola (short for Royal Crown Cola) is an American brand of cola formulated by Claud A. Hatcher in 1905. Royal Crown Ginger Ale was the first product of the RC line, and it referred to the original ingredient: ginger. RC Cola went through various name changes including Chero-Cola and Nehi, Inc. before becoming Royal Crown after the death of Claud A. Hatcher. More flavors were introduced under the RC Cola name including lemon, strawberry, orange, and cane sugar. In the 1950s, Royal Crown company was leading the beverage industry to sell the first canned soft drinks, followed by the first caffeine-free cola.

  • Royal Crown Cola International, a division of Cott Beverages LLC, which is a subsidiary of Cott Corporation (now Primo Water).
  • US bottling and distribution by Keurig Dr Pepper.