Oatly Vanilla Flavor Oat Drink

Oatly Vanilla Flavor Oat Drink

When we say Vanilla, we don’t mean boring. We mean anything but boring, even if it is vanilla. That’s because it has all the goodness of our oat drinks but tastes of vanilla. Oat power, fibre and with a hint of sustainability all hidden behind a vanilla exterior.

It's creamy and has a thick texture. With healthy fats from unsaturated rapeseed oil. It contains calcium, vitamin D2 and vitamin B12 which is a vitamin involved with the metabolism of every cell in the human body so, if it was a person, it would be a VIP probably. If vitamins could be people. We would prefer to use Agave syrup but it became too expensive so we use regular sugar instead. Which isn’t a problem unless you live forAgave syrup then we can only apologize to the Agave lovers. For the same reason, we would still like to use natural vanilla flavoring but we had to use natural flavoring instead which actually gave it an improved vanilla taste profile.


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