Oatly Orange Mango Oat Drink

Oatly Orange Mango Oat Drink
Oatly Orange Mango Oat Drink Poured
Oatly Orange Mango Oat Drink

It’s like a mango-milkshake-smoothie-juice but made of tasty oats and fruit purée.

An oat drink with fruit purée that’s full of energy from carbs to help you power thru your workday, your workout or your work to get out of doing more work. It’s refreshing like a juice, but filling like a snack. And unlike a snack you don’t have to chew it because it is a drink.

The amazing taste of this product comes with some extra sugar, aromas and citric acid. While “extra sugar” doesn’t put Oat Drink Orange Mango in the top three list of our healthiest drinks, we never put anything in our product that isn’t necessary and approved for consumption, so you’re good.

No dairy or soy.


Soy Free

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