Muskoka Springs Stone Ginger Beer

Muskoka Springs Stone Ginger Beer
Muskoka Springs Stone Ginger Beer Product Glamor Shots

Our Stone Ginger Beer was originally marketed as Muskoka Dry Stone Ginger Beer well over a century ago. It was originally sold in stone canisters to keep it cool on hot summer days. A Muskoka favourite for decades, Stone Ginger Beer was supplanted by Coca-Cola and other sparkling beverages in the late twentieth century.

Luckily, we still have Jack Brown’s little black book – replete with original recipes. We’ve broken out the old recipes, played with a few minor modifications, and crafted a masterpiece worthy of its namesake. Stone Ginger Beer is packed with spicy ginger flavour, lightly carbonated, and lightly sweetened to give you a refreshing ice cold quencher.

Try our Stone Ginger Beer for your next Muskoka Mule (Stone Ginger Beer, 1.5oz premium Vodka, fresh lime juice).

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