Muskoka Springs Old Tyme Orange Soda

Muskoka Springs Old Tyme Orange Soda
Muskoka Springs Old Tyme Orange Soda Dockside
Muskoka Springs Old Tyme Orange Soda
Muskoka Springs Old Tyme Orange Soda Poured
Muskoka Springs Old Tyme Orange Soda - 150 years label

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Our original recipe Old Tyme Orange Craft Soda. It’s hard to find the words to perfectly describe just how good our Old Tyme Orange really is. Served ice cold, over ice cream, or mixed with vodka, it’s a century-old Cottage Country Classic. Old Tyme Orange has an authenticity you won’t find anywhere else. Featuring natural orange and vanilla, you won’t believe how good it really is.

Picture a hot summer day from your childhood, running into your house after running around like crazy, grabbing an ice cold creamsicle from the freezer and taking that first cold bite, nothing better right? We’ve taken that amazing taste you know and love and put it into a bottle for an incredibly delicious combination of flavours.

As Muskoka’s oldest continuously operating company, we have been at the heart of Cottage Country culture since the beginning.

We like to think that over the last 150 years, we have crafted not only Muskoka’s most iconic beverages, but a piece of Muskoka culture itself. Whether you are relaxing on the dock, cruising the lakes, or playing lawn games, we’re there with you. With a roster of century-old recipes, modern creations, and pure Natural Spring Water itself, we have every occasion covered. From the drink in your hand to the clothes you wear, the food you eat, and the games you play, Muskoka Springs is proud to be a part.


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