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Mirinda is an orange-based soft drink with a great refreshing taste. Mirinda has a bold fruity taste, vivid colour and vibrant fizz that will create an explosion of taste that’s enjoyable till the very last drop. Mirinda es un refresco con sabor a naranja, altamente refrescante y sabroso. Mirinda tiene un gusto original a naranja con un color vivo y vibrante que creará una explosión de sabor que te gustara hasta la última gota.

Mirinda's new visual identity (released May 9, 2023) will be rolled out across the leading 20 international markets, with many featuring their native languages on the cans. Kicking off with Vietnam and Thailand, the new visual identity will then appear in Poland, Romania, Czechia, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Gaza/Palestine, Mexico, Argentina, Egypt, Iraq, Uganda, Ethiopia, China, Pakistan, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates and much more to come. Alongside the new brand platform and visual identity system, Mirinda is committed to inspiring better choices for its consumers by offering reduced sugar alternatives. As part of this commitment, and to support PepsiCo's pep+ initiative to accelerate the reduction of added sugar across its wider portfolio, the brand successfully launched its Zero Sugar Orange flavour in both Poland and Nigeria and will continue to expand its low and no sugar portfolio internationally.

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