Fuente del Val Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

Fuente del Val Sparkling Natural Mineral Water
Fuente del Val Sparkling Natural Mineral Water

Fountain of the Valley is a balanced naturally medicinal mineral water, of pure origin, from ancient granite that provides golden shine and amplifies its crystalline transparency. Still water version is also available for people that don't want the bubbles.

Our waters emerge naturally carbonated. They are waters with a low mineral content and a composition of minerals that is not only balanced but also stable, such as iron, calcium, bicarbonates and sodium, among others. Our sparkling water has fine bubbles, smaller than in other sparkling waters on the market, making it an easy and pleasant water to drink.

Fuente del Val Con Gas (with carbonation) takes us back to the past. It is characterized by its great transparency, with intense shine that reinforces its original purity. A summary of Galicia in the mouth, which shows the character of a unique land. Its approximate total hardness is 5.7º F and it has an approximate Ph of 6.5

MINERAL COMPOSITION (approximate mg/L):

Mineralomedicinal. Weak mineralization.

  • Dry residue at 180º - 112
  • Bicarbonates (CO3H) - 101
  • Chlorides (Cl) - 8.5
  • Sulfates (SO4) - 1.5
  • Fluorides (F) - 0.2
  • Calcium (Ca) - 14
  • Magnesium (Mg) - 5
  • Sodium (Na) - 19.1
  • Potassium (K) - 1.2

Un agua mineromedicinal equilibrada, de origen puro, de granito antiguo que proporciona brillos dorados y amplifica su transparencia cristalina. Su textura fina y amable le da una sensación táctil de frescor con una entrada en boca sedosa que evoluciona de forma elegante.


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