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Yerbi is all about good energy and getting your kick naturally.

Made with naturally caffeinated Yerba Maté, sweetened with honey and flavored with vanilla, 

In its native South America, Yerba Maté has been known for centuries for its nutrients and energizing effect and has been shown to work better brewed in cold water – anecdotally, people say that they have a clearer head, a ‘feel good’ mood for longer and don’t come down with a big bump.

Yerbi is simple, clean and uncomplicated. Unlike some other caffeine kicks, Yerbi’s energy is released more slowly and lasts longer. 

And tastes awesome too!

Yerba Maté is native to South America where is often referred to as ‘the herb from the gods’. It’s a member of the holly tree family called Ilex paraguarensis and grows best under a rainforest canopy. Yerba Maté has a flower and a berry but it’s the leaves that locals believe to have healing qualities and increased the vitality of warriors in combat. Interest in Yerba Maté gained momentum because it contains natural caffeine, often referred to as ‘clean’ energy. Used often in spiritual and tribal ceremonies, Yerba Maté was shared as a sign of friendship, hospitality and general camaraderie. After the Jesuits arrived in South America in the 16th century and began to cultivate and trade Yerba Maté, it was also known as Jesuit Tea. It was also used as a supplement to food or even to replace food when there was nothing else available. Yerba Maté is made much like a tea using crushed leaves in hot water, in a sharing cup called a gourd. A special metal straw called a ‘bombila’ strains the leaf out as it’s drunk.

Yerba Maté contains a whole host of nutrients along with phenolic acids and amino acids.  It’s this unique combination of natural elements and how it works with the body that means the boost you get from Yerbi is sustained energy so the effect lasts longer and you can do more with your day. It tastes different to what you might expect from an energy drink – often it’s described as ‘Yerba Maté tea’ – and that’s why we love it. Because it’s different. We get people telling us that they don’t normally do energy drinks but love a Yerbi because it’s easy to drink and the combination of honey and vanilla is the best PLUS they get a mental energy boost that keeps them going longer.