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Yerbae delivers great tasting, sugar-free, plant-based energy drinks that elevate consumers to the level of their ambitions without the spike or crash.

Yerbaé started in 2017, when Todd and Karrie Gibson discovered the benefits of yerba mate, a revered South American herb and one of nature’s cleanest caffeine sources. After finding a way to infuse it into sparkling water and deliver a delicious combination of flavors, Yerbaé was born.

Today, Yerbaé is a beverage industry pioneer that stimulates the body and focuses the mind with our fantastic plant-based energy. Yerbaé has helped millions say goodbye to sugar, calories, and the other suspicious ingredients commonly found in other Energy Beverages.

Positivity, inclusiveness, generosity. These aren’t really themes that flow through the traditional energy beverage category, which is why we needed Yerbaé to exist.

We wanted a brand that could not only energize your body and mind, but also inspire you to do the same for the people and the world around you. It’s why we don’t use the commonly known bad ingredients typically found in mainstream energy drinks – bad energy for the body. It’s also why we don’t push an unattainable image onto our community – bad energy for the mind. And it’s why we choose not to use plastic bottles – bad energy for the planet.

Energy is contagious no matter how it’s expressed. So, keep things positive today and don’t forget to smile. There’s more energy in that small gesture than anyone could ever put in a beverage.

Our plant-based energy beverages have zero sugar, calories or carbs and are powered by a natural caffeine source (yerba mate and white tea) that uplifts without jitters, shakiness or a post drink crash. We only use plant based recognizable ingredients all of which are non-GMO, so you can feel great about what you are drinking!

Our 16oz Energy Drinks are sweetened with Non-GMO Stevia, feature 160mg of caffeine, and are packed with flavor that we believe is the perfect alternative to sugar-filled energy beverages. Our 12oz Energy Seltzers are unsweetened sparkling beverages featuring 100mg of caffeine with refreshing crisp flavors that are a great alternative to coffee and sugary sodas.

Yerbae Brands Corp. is a publicly traded company: OTCMKTS: YERBF