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Tranquini is a great tasting zero sugar, zero carbs, and just one calorie every sip helps to support your wellness journey. Herbal adaptogens, which help reduce anxiety and promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

In today’s world, stress is a global issue. 36% of consumers state their stress levels have increased and 50% have stated they have lost sleep due to stress. Consumers were telling us they needed help with 1 out 3 consumers looking for beverages with calming ingredients.

We like to say there might be a few little things we can do to help you learn how to appreciate every moment, even if you are a wee bit stressed today. Our little TranQuini Bevy has already traveled the world and back, and what’s cool is that we became a true friend to so many by bringing together communities who are sharing their "Moment of Calm.” So Cool, Right?

TranQuini is our way of helping our consumers achieve their “moment of calm”.