Total Tonic Health Hero

Total Tonic Health Hero
Total Tonic Health Hero
Total Tonic Health Hero

Meet our mighty Health Hero tonic.

Embrace a zestful life with our Health Hero tonic, crafted to give you a daily boost of vitality. Bursting with nature’s finest ingredients, this refreshing blend features turmeric, known for its powerhouse compound curcumin. Combined with the vibrant flavours of oranges, honey, tamarind, and ginger, this tonic isn’t just delicious—it’s your perfect wing-man for tackling each day with energy and enthusiasm.

Whats in it for you:

  • Turmeric contains curcumin which can help reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Turmeric is a powerful anti-oxidant that can help protects cells from damage.
  • Curcumin works by interacting with our gut microbiota (a collection of bacteria, fungi, and viruses living in human intestines that help digestion and immune function). An overall healthy, diverse diet, as well as turmeric, can improve the strength and diversity of the microbiome.
  • The combination of honey, ginger, tamarind and turmeric may help your body fight viruses.

Directions: Chill, shake, and sip! Keep refrigerated once opened and enjoy within seven days for ultimate freshness.

Strange that Total Tonic does not publish their nutrition details or at least a photo of the nutrition label of their products. Seems like table stakes for a nutrition product.

Gluten Free

Nutrition Information






Water, oranges, turmeric, honey, tamarind paste, ginger, black pepper, and coconut oil.

Label Warning:

Contains: black pepper and coconut oil.

Disclaimer: Product, nutrition, brand, and company information may change or be incorrect. Always check with the manufacturer and individual product label for accurate information before ingesting anything.

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