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Website: pistachiomilk.com

We believe in a world of happy mediums. In creaminess that comforts but never burdens. In versatility that has the strength to stand alone. In taste that demands cravings but never remorse. In a sip from a carton, a bite from a spoon or a slurp from a straw. A natural yet sweet treat. A smooth yet frothy solution. A choice that has everything except compromise. A reason to look forward to milk again.

As a first-generation Iranian-American, pistachios were a mainstay in founder Roxana Saidi’s home growing up. These nuts were her favorite not only for their cultural significance in Middle Eastern homes but also for their numerous health benefits and delicious depth of flavor.

In 2015, Roxana started making pistachio milk at home as an alternative to almond milk, which was depleting her native California of water during its worst drought on record. Elated to discover pistachios require significantly less water than almonds, Roxana set out to find the most flavorful pistachios in the world.

Guided by her desire to create a more sustainable, delicious alt-milk without any of the unhealthy added oil of oat, this five-year journey led her to launch Táche in 2020.