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At Sunsweet, we’ve known about the nutritional power of prunes for over a century – and we’ve made it our mission to share them with the rest of the world. It all started in 1917 when a group of farmers founded the California Prune and Apricot Growers Association. This cooperative allowed us to offer prunes to the mainstream market by combining our production capabilities and marketing communications – all under the brand name “Sunsweet.”

Over the years, Sunsweet has become the world's largest and most famous brand of dried tree fruits like prunes, apricots, mangos, and more! We have grown to represent nearly 180 grower-members with orchards throughout California – which accounts for more than 20% of prune production around the world. That’s about 50,000 tons of our signature Sunsweet Prunes a year!


We call California home to this day, specifically Yuba City – home to the world’s largest dried fruit tree processing plant. We’re so proud of our heritage and that we have become one of America’s top brands, trusted by customers everywhere.