Sun Crest Orange Soda

Sun Crest Orange Soda
Sun Crest Orange Soda - Know What You Drink!

Sun Crest is an orange flavored soda created in 1938 by the National NuGrape Company of Atlanta, Georgia. Sun Crest is manufactured by the Dad’s Root Beer Company and owned by Hedinger Brands, LLC, except in 6 Asian markets where the brand is owned and sold by Monarch Beverages headquartered in Atlanta, GA. The Monarch Beverages version of Suncrest has combined the two word brand and uses a different logo to differentiate itself, despite claiming the American Sun Crest creation history.

Old Sun Crest bottles were labeled on the back explaining that they are clearly revealing their refreshing contents. Exclaiming "Know what you Drink!" Amusing in light of the more recent trends towards clean label products, when this doesn't even show anything about the actual ingredients. Highlighter orange sugar water, obviously super clear. But nicely shows that consumer protections are needed for all food and beverage products to save us from these kinds of standard marketing lies.


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