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Hi, we're Spindrift. At Spindrift Beverage Co., we celebrate the amazing taste of real, simple ingredients every day. Because we think real food deserves a real drink.

Inspired by his formative years on the ocean off the shores of Nantucket Island, Bill named his drinks “Spindrift,” the refreshing spray that blows off of a breaking wave. For him, the ocean is the perfect symbol of real refreshment.

It all started in 2010, in our founder Bill’s kitchen. Bill wanted to create a beverage he could feel good about serving to his whole family. First, he made real fruit sodas and then, after lots of trial and error, the very first sparkling water in America made with real squeezed fruit.

Spindrift debuted in artisan Boston-area shops and eateries where it caught the eye of local foodies and craft beverage fans. Then, it grew from a cult-like following to a wide, diverse fan base. Today it’s available throughout the US in national retailers, grocery stores, and restaurants alike.