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Sound was born from the desire for a better tasting, more exciting unsweetened beverage. Tommy Kelly, an engineer and lover of crisp carbonation, kept running into bland flavored waters and amped up sugary drinks. He wanted to find the sweet in unsweetened. But how? To bring the concept to life, Tommy teamed up with then-co-worker-now-co-founder, Salim Najjar, a fellow engineer, avid tea drinker and wellness enthusiast. Beverage ideas began bubbling up as the two tinkered and tested tea blends, sharing a mission to redefine the sugar-laden carbonated category once and for all. The result? A first-of-its kind line of drinks that combine the crisp refreshment of sparkling water with the unique notes and elevated flavors of organic tea, botanicals and fruit extracts. A world in which the most exciting options are also the healthiest...seems like a pretty sweet life to us.

The largest source of added sugar in the average American diet is Sugar Sweetened Beverages. And it's not just soda. This also includes many juices, iced tea, sport & energy drinks and coffee beverages. Tht Majority of Americans drink one Sugar Sweetened Beverage a day. We know it’s a good idea to cut back. Why is it so hard to? Sugar is addictive. Sugar activates a release of the feel good hormone, dopamine. It also activates opiate receptors in our brain, which makes us crave more of it.

At Sound, we're on a mission to inspire healthier, happier communities by making it easier (and more fun!) to drink less sugar. No sweeteners and only organic ingredients means brighter bubbles for a brighter you. Because when we take care of ourselves, we feel our best – and who knows what can happen from there.