Solán de Cabras Natural Mineral Water

Solán de Cabras Natural Mineral Water
Solán de Cabras Natural Mineral Water

Solán de Cabras is a pure and balanced natural mineral water from a spring in the Serranía de Cuenca mountains, 3000 feet above sea level, formed by rainwater from another era. Every drop has had 3,600 years of filtration to absorb minerals like bicarbonate, calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium to create a mineral water with a balanced composition and replete with well-being.

A water like this could only be created by nature, in a unique spring, in the depths of the Serranía de Cuenca mountains. It takes 3,600 years of filtration to create the balanced composition of a single drop of Solán de Cabras. Oak and conifer forests, mountains dense with sediments, some of the cleanest skies of the Iberian peninsula… The Serranía de Cuenca is a unique environment. Only in a place like this could a water with a composition this pure be born.

Mineral composition (mg/L):

  • 60.0 - Calcium
  • 26.7 - Magnesium
  • 284 - Bicarbonate
  • 1.0 - Potassium (K)
  • <0.20 - Fluoride (F)
  • 21.8 - Sulfate (SO4)
  • 4.8 - Sodium
  • 7.5 - Silica (SiO2)
  • 8.3 - Chloride
  • Slightly alkaline


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