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Schweppes (/ʃwɛps/, German pronunciation: [ʃvɛps]) is a beverage brand that originated in the Republic of Geneva; it is made, bottled and distributed worldwide by multiple international conglomerates, depending on licensing and region, that manufacture and sell soft drinks. Schweppes was one of the earliest forms of a soft drink, originally being regular soda water created in 1783. Today, various drinks other than soda water bear the Schweppes brand name, including various types of lemonade and ginger ales.

FOR OVER 235 YEARS, we’ve been refining the perfect way to elevate your everyday refreshment. With every sip of Schweppes, the dedication to quality, excellence, and the art of tastefulness, leaves us feeling simply refreshed. Customers referred to Schweppes as LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE because it was the first bottle of its kind to retain carbonation.

Schweppes is distributed by various beverage companies globally, including: The Coca-Cola Company, Keurig Dr. Pepper, & Suntory.