REBBL, the name, is an acronym for roots, extracts, berries, bark and leaves – the various plant constituents we use to craft the world’s finest super herb Elixirs, utilizing the most revered traditional wellness plants on earth. REBBL exists to bring you the highest quality super herb powered beverages, to help you maintain your optimum state of balance and wellness.

REBBL INC. - Emeryville, California.

2013 - REBBL enters into the world, bringing ancient wisdom into the modern landscape through herbal Tonics, debuting at natural food stores across Northern California. Importantly, embedded into the DNA of REBBL was a commitment to impact. 2.5% of the net sales of every bottle sold would be donated back to Not For Sale to support the co-creation of a future without human trafficking while uplifting the lives of survivors.

REBBL was born out of a passionate collaboration between global thought-leaders to identify an innovative solution to uplift vulnerable communities around the world.

We commit to using only pure, plant-based ingredients in everything we create. Every super herb is used at levels that correspond to traditional levels of efficacy. If we can’t use a super herb at meaningful, efficacious levels, then we won’t use it at all. We refuse any artificial chemicals or added flavors.

Through ethical, impact sourcing practices we develop community, prevent worker exploitation and work to ensure our farmers receive fair wages, access to health care, water, nourishing food and education as well as protection of their rights.

Climate change is inextricably linked to supply chain and human trafficking, and we are committed to doing our part as a business to reverse the effects of global warming.