Perrier Mystére Potion Blackberry

Perrier limited-edition Mystére Potion Blackberry
Perrier Mystére Potion Blackberry
Perrier Mystére Potion Blackberry Cocktail Suggestion
Perrier Mystére Potion Blackberry Can

In the fall of 2021 Perrier made a limited-edition Mystére Potion blackberry flavor sparkling water inspired by Día de Los Muertos. The new can art features the iconic sugar skull design associated with the Mexican holiday. The Perrier Día de los Muertos inspired can with bold Blackberry flavor joins the brand’s line-up of carbonated mineral water with 0 calories and 0 sweeteners including Perrier Original, and the full assortment of Perrier flavored carbonated mineral water with natural flavors. A 10-can fridge pack was available at Target stores for a suggested retail price of $5.99.

Looks like Perrier also had a regular Blackberry version of their flavored sparkling water at some point. But this can looks a lot more interesting with a bit of mystery.

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