Orangina Red

Orangina Red Orange
Orangina Red Orange
Orangina Red Orange
Orangina Red Orange
Orangina Red grapefruit blood orange lime tangerine Sparkling Juice

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You can use a little blush. Orangina Rouge combines a fruity and sparkling taste experience with the subtle sweetness of grapefruit, blood orange, lime and tangerine. Orangina Red Orange combines the savoring taste of Orangina with the juicy sweetness of blood oranges, citrus pulp and zest blend to make it a truly refreshing drinking experience.

  • Juice content 12%
  • Citrus pulp 2%
  • Slightly Sparkling

Orangina Rouge is available in 0.25l glass bottles, 0.5l and 1.0l PET EW bottles and in 1.0l PET MW bottles.

Caffeine Free

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      water, juice of red orange and other citrus fruits from concentrated juices 12% (red orange 6%, orange, lemon, mandarin, grapefruit), sugar, 2% citrus pulp (orange 1.5%, grapefruit), carbon dioxide , color: anthocyanin and carmine, natural citrus and other natural flavors German: Wasser, Mehrfruchtsaft aus Fruchtsaftkonzentraten (Blutorange 6%, Orange, Zitrone, Mandarine, Grapefruit), Zucker, 2% Fruchtfleisch (Orange, Mandarine, Grapefruit), Kohlensäure, Farbstoffe (Anthocyan, echtes Karmin), Natürliches Citrusaroma mit anderen natürlichen Aromen, Orangenschalenextrakt

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