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In the video game franchise Fallout, Nuka-Cola is a unique soft drink inspired by Coca-Cola that gained widespread popularity sometime before the Great War, an atomic war between China and the United States in the gameplay history.

It comes in multiple flavors, such as Nuka Cola Quantum, which is distinguishable by its blue radioactive glow, Classic Nuka Cola, which is the regular version, Diet Nuka Cola, a diet version with a lowered sugar level, Nuka-Cola Dark, an attempt by the company to create an alcoholic beverage, Nuka-Cola Orange, Nuka Grape, Nuka Cola Cherry, Nuka-Cola Quartz, Nuka-Cola Victory and Nuka Cola Wild. Nuka Cola Quantum was then remade by Jones Soda for a limited time offer in stores, though, it is purchasable on some online websites now like eBay.

According to Fallout lore, it has a very high sugar content of 43 grams, and it is known to give people withdrawal and vascular problems.

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