Lambda BIO Tomato Juice

Lambda BIO Tomato Juice

Lambda BIO Organic Tomato Juice.

Lambda BIO are authentically organic juices made exclusively from organically farmed fruit that have the right to call themselves BIO. They are cultivated and ripened on land worked with respect, that is healthy and clean, using no chemical agents, only natural fertilizers. This type of agriculture involves the biological control of pests, not using pesticides or fungicides, and the rotation of crops, preventing the depletion of the land. It is this origin, entirely ecological, that makes them different and biologically healthier.

For consumers who appreciate and seek natural, healthy and pleasant alternatives in their daily diet. Lambda BIO offers you the legally certified guarantee that you can enjoy a juice in its purest state, with no elements that contaminate your body. Lambda BIO is the healthy energy we need every day.


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