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Kist distribution began in 1919. It was one of the earliest orange sodas marketed to consumers, beat to market only by fellow Chicago-based competitor Crush. Aggressive marketing to distributors allowed Kist to gain a national foothold, and the company became an innovator in marketing and branding. In 1932, after hiring Eric Scudder, a former Crush employee, the company began selling their product in glass bottles designed to look like sliced oranges. While this design was originally established for Crush, it quickly became an identifying feature of the Kist product. Also at this time, the product line expanded to include a wide variety of flavors. Over the next three decades, Kist continued to be produced in Chicago, and expanded its market to include Latin America and the new vending machine market.

Despite their successes, the company was acquired in 1965 by Atlanta's Monarch Food Packing for $2 million.

Over the next 50 years, the Kist brand lost its prominence in the soft drink market, and was discontinued in 2008, after being acquired by Leading Edge Brands.

In 2009, Interstate Distributors in Detroit, Michigan purchase the Frostie and Kist brands. Which seems to have tried to make changes to the Kist branding adding Organics to the logo shown on the Interstate Distributors towne club website. And it claims the brand is from 1929, which doesn't seem to align correctly with other information sources. BevRank would love better info about this if you have it, and we want the older angled capital letters logo back.

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