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Jolt Cola is a carbonated soft drink produced by The Jolt Company, Inc. (later known as Wet Planet Beverages).

Wet Planet Beverages, of Pittsford, New York, was the company which produces Jolt Cola, Napa Valley Soda, Thornwood Estates, Autumn Frost, and DNA. They are also a distributor for Martinelli's Sparkling Cider. On September 28, 2009, The Jolt Company, Inc. filed Chapter 11 proceedings in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Rochester, New York and simultaneously filed a motion to permit sale of the company's assets through a court-approved sale. It declared bankruptcy after failing to meet the demands from Rexam to fulfill an agreement over buying resealable cans. Eight years later, Jolt Cola returned to the market through an exclusive agreement with Dollar General Stores. Wet Planet Beverages no longer owns the Jolt Cola name; the current revival is credited to Manhattan-based ECC Jolt, LLC.

The Jolt Cola drink was created in 1985 by C. J. Rapp as a highly caffeinated beverage. It was targeted towards students and young professionals, stressing its use as a stimulant in a similar manner as energy drinks. Its slogan reads "All the sugar and twice the caffeine!" This slogan survived was used for 24 years before being changed to "Twice the Caffeine."

Jolt battery bottles (that resemble the shape of a AA battery), introduced in 2006, make a loud popping sound when opened. The cans are 23.5 US fl oz (695 ml) resealable aluminum bottles; the body of the bottle was similar to that of a standard aluminum can, but the top had a twist-off aluminum cap with a plastic gasket liner, and in smaller "Quick Fix" cans (8.5 US fl oz (250 ml) single-use pull-tab aluminum cans, similar to those used for Red Bull) and "battery" cans (16 US fl oz (473 ml) resealable aluminum cans with the same twist-off top as the battery bottles).

Founder C.J. Rapp sold controlling interest in the company to Emigrant Capital. In early 2009, the new owners removed C.J. Rapp as CEO of The Jolt Company. Later in 2009, the new owners filed for bankruptcy. C.J. Rapp and another shareholder sued Emigrant Capital for breach of Fiduciary responsibility. After 8 years of litigation C.J. Rapp and Emigrant reached settlement terms that are undisclosed. Another sad death caused by capitalists extracting money and running a company into the ground immediately.

Jolt mad a brief return to the world from 2017 to 2019. Produced by ECC Jolt, LLC, a New York City-based company and sold through dollar general stores, an interesting choice of target market considering their initial market of students and young professionals.