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Oi Ocha is the best-selling brand for Japanese tea Drinks and pays great attention to the aroma and taste of freshly brewed, Japanese teapots (Kyusu) made tea. We offer a wide range of tea Drinks, tea Leaves, and Instant tea. Our brand name hails from a word that relates to the desire of drinking tea at home with one's family. All our tea Leaves are domestically produced. We purchase our tea directly from tea farmers in the pursuit of the finest aroma and taste.

We attach great importance to the management records of the tea farmers, especially to the use of pesticides, making sure our products are safe and secure. All our products are marked with numbers to ensure "traceability" of factory, manufacturing date, raw materials, and the growing conditions of the farm. Our tea Drinks utilize tea that has been brewed in Japanese teapots (Kyusu), in search of the finest aromas and tastes. As a business that strives for the growth of tea production areas, we grow tea that is suitable for beverages.

All tea leaves and tea bags are manufactured in our own factories where drinks products satisfy quality control standards. Both ingredients and products undergo flavor and machinery analysis, and tests for microbes and remains of pesticides at both our factory and company. We share information with our manufactoring factories and through the regular carrying out of quality control meetings with a representativ from the factory, we aim for the production safe and reliable tea products.

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