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We know that food is more than a necessity — it is a central part of our daily lives. Food provides enjoyment, comfort, and brings us together with those we care about. Our mission is to help you get the nutrition you need through products that are tasty, convenient and familiar.

At Hormel Health Labs, we are passionate about improving people’s lives through better food and nutrition. Our mission is clear–to provide great-tasting, affordable and convenient nutrition. Whether you are a major healthcare center, a special care facility, a caregiver or an individual, we are here to help with your dietary needs. Hormel Health Labs is a leader in providing nutrition resources to people with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia), through our THICK & EASY® brand line of foods, beverages and mixes designed to help people continue enjoy their favorite items safely and tastily.

We are also a leader in nutrition for people at risk of malnutrition, which spans many conditions, including cancer treatment, kidney disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease to name a few. Through multiple product lines, we offer a wide variety of highly-fortified functional food and beverages.