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Starting from scratch in 2002 their Hamburg dorm room with only a few thousand euros and a whole lot of determination two friends founded fritz-kola. The mission: create a kola better than anything that “big cola” has to offer.

How we got where we are... an old vw van, a desire for independence and a simple idea – it can be done better. that’s all it took to get started. Fresh out of uni and faced with that timeless question of what to do with their lives, friends mirco and lorenz found their answer: Make something that makes time spent at their favourite places even better. not just another mass-produced cola, but one that stands for something. not too sweet, with lots and lots of caffeine to add fuel to those long nights. All that was left was to slap some black and white labels of their faces on old beer bottles filled with highly caffeinated, high quality kola and done. meet fritz. Fritz has grown up quite a bit since then, expanding from their hamburg dorm room to an office on the elbe and to some of the coolest spots around the world. adding more flavours along the way and branching out into the art, music and sports scenes, but some things never change - high quality natural ingredients in glass bottles only. No compromises.

So our journey continues, together with those of you choosing to go through life with both eyes open. Because open eyes open minds.