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Font d’Or natural mineral water is a premium product of exceptional quality. Its guarantee can be found at its source.  Font d’Or emerges in the heart of the granite Guilleries massif at an altitude of 1,000 meters. This guarantees an unchanging mineral composition, as all production comes from a single spring. This is the secret of its great quality. Font d’Or is a thousand-year-old, rich and healthy water that thousands of consumers drink every day. It is also the perfect water for preparing the best gastronomic creations. In fact, some of the most internationally famous chefs use it to make some of their best dishes.

The most prestigious Spanish associations and entities that represent professionals from the world of hotels, restaurants, catering, nutrition and cocktails have awarded the Font d’Or natural mineral water their highest distinctions: gold medals for quality, an honor that is only receive by a select few.

The gold medals for quality that appear on the labels of all bottles and containers of Font d’Or natural mineral water have been awarded by:

  • Spanish Hospitality Federation (FEHR)
  • Barman’s Association of the Community of Madrid
  • Institut Català de la Cuina
  • Spanish Federation of Chefs and Confectioners (FACYRE)
  • Euro-Toques Spain, European Community of Chefs
  • Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN)


History of Font d'Or Waters:

Font d'Or water originates in the heart of the Montseny massif, 1000 meters above sea level. In the Pla de les Arenes area there was a large farm called Cortals de Tarrés, made up of part of farmland and most of forest. This property extended across lands of two municipalities, most of it in Arbúcies and the other in Sant Hilari Sacalm. In the latter there was a fountain popularly called Font d'Or. The water flowed directly from the rock with a waterfall that never dried up.

It was in the mid-fifties when Mr. Florenci Serras Thos considered the possibility of exploiting and marketing those waters. For him it was not a new activity, since he had experience in the world of water, but he had the opportunity to develop family waters that were owned by his uncle Joan Serras Pascual.

At the end of 1956, Mr. Florenci Serras, with the authorization of his uncle, began the procedures and works to be able to exploit those waters. Specifically, on January 1, 1957, when he already had all the permits, his marketing activity began in a small ground-floor bottling plant where only glass jugs were filled.

The decade of the seventies meant a change, since in March 1971 Font d'Or, SA was established. This event led to the appearance of more partners, more capital and a new, more modern bottling plant which, at the same time, gave rise to to the appearance of new packaging. Already in the eighties, new members joined the society, which would lead it to a period of expansion and great recognition; Font d'Or, SA, became part of Vichy Catalan Corporation.

These changes began in 1986 and quickly achieved great recognition for Font d'Or water and a good position in the commercial market. But the great event that consolidated Font d'Or occurred in 1992, when it was chosen among many other waters to accompany everyone and at all times during the celebration of the XXV Olympic Games in Barcelona.