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We’re Club and we’re delighted you stopped by. Since 1930 our mission is to inspire a taste for full-on living. We want to take you on mad adventures into the unexpected. We want to take the everyday boring stuff and transform it into something a bit cooler and a whole lot more fun.

Anyway, let’s stop talking about us. Feels a bit awkward to be honest. Let’s talk about you instead. Yeah, that feels better already. D’ya need a partner in crime for parties? What about something to raise a smile whilst you study? Add a bit of wow to your work life? Or just a bit of craic as you get yourself from one place to another?

Our not-so-secret recipe is that we do much more than just squeeze the juice out. We use the whole fruit, so you get loads of delicious juicy bits in each drink, giving you bags of energy and tonnes of great taste. Club is currently made and distributed in Ireland but you might be able to find some in places like Tesco or Asda, in the World Foods aisle. Or alternatively, you can try Amazon.