Chameleon Cold Brew Black Coffee Concentrate

Chameleon Cold Brew Black Coffee Concentrate
Chameleon Cold Brew Black Coffee Concentrate Nutrition Label
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Chameleon Cold Brew 100% organic concentrate starts with specialty grade and sustainably sourced beans that are steeped for 11+ hours to create our daringly bold and famously smooth cold-brew. This is a medium roast blend with beans sourced from Guatemala, Colombia and Peru/Honduras has flavor notes of cocoa, shredded wheat and sweet molasses. 

Lovingly handcrafted, this blend is low acidity, super smooth, and completely versatile. Ready for your coffee to finally be exactly how you want it? Heat it on the stove, pour it over ice, blend with milk, or plain black to get you buzzin’! Whatever your coffee needs are… Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrates are here to deliver.

How to use cold-brew concentrate:

No two days are the same, so why should your coffee have to be? The best part about using concentrate is the ability to make it your own. We recommend starting with a 1:1 ratio (1 part coffee concentrate to 1 part of your favorite mix-in) and then adjusting the recipe until you find your sweet spot.

What is concentrate and how does it differ from “ready-to-drink” cold-brew?

Ready-to-drink cold-brew and cold-brew concentrate are essentially made with the same process, the main difference being that concentrate allows you a more customizable cup. Because it’s stronger, you can adjust concentrates to your desired flavor and caffeine content. Both are made using specialty grade organic coffee steeped for 11-12 hours at ambient temperatures to create a smooth, low acidity, highly caffeinated coffee.

Cold-brew vs Iced Coffee - what is the difference?

Iced coffee is made from brewed hot coffee poured over ice, which dilutes its flavor and creates a weaker taste. Brewing with hot water typically takes about 5 minutes, and results in a more bitter, more acidic, and midler tasting coffee drink.

Cold-brew coffee, on the other hand, is steeped over long periods of time and never introduced to heat. This extracts the sugars, oils, and caffeine, and yields a smoother, sweeter, less acidic tasting coffee than iced coffee. Unlike iced coffee, which is best enjoyed immediately, cold-brew can usually be kept refrigerated for days, and can be enjoyed hot or cold, with great versatility.

There’s a perfect ratio for steeping the most delicious cold-brew, and it’s right here in this bottle.


Soy Free

Dairy Free

Gluten Free

Contains Caffeine

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      Organic Cold Brew Coffee (Water, Coffee Concentrate). Baking Soda is also listed on the tetra-pak style containers, but not glass bottles.

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