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Made with pressed fruit, no jiggery pokery.

BECAUSE WE'RE NOT... Never Have. Never Will. You see, some other drink makers boil their fruit into a syrup called concentrate, then dilute it with water. So why don't we? To be honest it would make our lives a lot easier (And our finance director a lot happier.) Truth is, we just just don't like the idea of that jiggery pokery. And our drinks wouldn't taste as good if we cut corners.

What are they hiding?

some fizzy drinks contain very little fruit. We're not fans of this fruit fakery. Our drinks are packed full of pressed fruit. Take our sparkling cloudy apple drink - Made with Pressed Jonagold, Gala and Braeburn apples. There's approximately one and a half apples pressed into every can. We're keeping it simple. Naturally.

What about sugar?

You may have noticed more 'no added sugar' drinks popping up here, there & everywhere. But taste for yourself, and you'll notice they're often still strangely sweet. some use artificial sweeteners. Not on our watch. We never add sugars or sweeteners to our sparkling drinks. The sweetness comes entirely from the pressed fruit.

At Cawston Press we've always taken pride in doing things properly. That's why we are launching our 'pressing for better' sustainability action plan: 10 clear commitments for people and planet.

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