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Website: www.dadsrootbeer.com/bubble-up

Bubble Up began in 1919 as a lemon-lime carbonated soft drink. Originally owned by Sweet Valley Products of Sandusky, Ohio, Bubble Up was produced ten years prior to its well-known competitor, 7 Up.

The first trademark registration was filed on August 13, 1919, with a registration date of April 14, 1921. Subsequently the brand was owned by the Bubble Up Company, Inc. of Chicago. Famous for the advertising slogan – "kiss of lemon, kiss of lime." In the 1960s, Bubble Up radio advertising used the catchy jingle (to a melody), "Sugar-free Bubble Up has a pizzazz, that is what Sugar-free Bubble Up has." Bubble Up was distributed in the Coca-Cola bottler network prior to Sprite.

The Monarch Company of Atlanta purchased Bubble Up in 1978. In 2007, Bubble Up was purchased from Monarch by Hedinger Brands, LLC for the U.S., Canada and Mexico and licensed to The Dad's Root Beer Company, LLC. The Dad's Root Beer Company headquarters is located in Jasper, Indiana.

Monarch Beverages appears to be marketing a new logo design for Bubble Up that is suspiciously similar to the older oval Mountain Dew logo.

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