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We craft teas that set a balance between great taste and functional benefits. Blue Bear's focuses mainly on developing ready-to-drink teas that promote relaxation and a healthy sleep cycle, offering all the right adaptogens, nootropics, and botanical herbs that have been used for centuries. Enjoy a new day and night routine designed to restore your inner calm.

We all struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Restless nights, blue screen lights, stress, and anxiety are all things that affect us on a daily and nightly basis, which in turn prevent us from getting the proper sleep we need to function throughout the day. We wanted something to get us back on the right schedule, but there were no appealing solutions on the market.

Convenient, ready-to-drink sleep and relaxation supplements that let you say goodbye to multi-step tea processes and messy powders. Blue Bear is a great-tasting, better alternative to consuming chemical-filled sleep aids and pills or mixing preservative-filled powders. You deserve a good night's sleep and we are here to help.*

Grab a can, sit back, and relax. We did the work so you don't have to.