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BAWLS Guarana all started as a class project to provide college students with a great tasting alternative to coffee. Keep in mind this was a time before the term “energy drink” was around. The idea: in addition to caffeine, use the natural power of the Guarana Berry, not yet known to the US, to fuel the drink. 

In 1996, BAWLS Guarana was released upon the world in the signature cobalt blue glass bottle making it one of the first drinks in the USA to use a natural energy supplement. Turns out, BAWLS’ great taste, long lasting energy, bumpy non-slip glass bottle, and fun name, just so happened to be a perfect concoction. The blue bottle fuel soon became the go-to energy source. 25 years later we still have the best fans around! 

Native to the Amazon Basin, the Guarana Berry is widely renowned for bringing about the same burst of energy and alertness as its counterpart, caffeine, but with twice the duration and none of the jitters. Many believe the berry could also have a wide range of additional health benefits such as increased focus, helps reduce fatigue, and improves memory. While the berry has been widely used for decades in South America, BAWLS was one of the first drinks use the supplement it in North America.