Barr D'N'B

Barr D'N'B
Barr D'N'B Root Beer

Britain's answer to root beer and sarsaparilla. D’N’B is a deliciously dark Dandelion & Burdock root soft drink. Dandelion & Burdock shares a historical origin with root beer and sarsaparilla which were originally made from lightly fermented root extracts. 

Dandelion and burdock is a traditional beverage consumed in the British Isles since the Middle Ages. It was originally a type of light mead but over the years has evolved into the carbonated soft drink commercially available today. Traditionally, it was made from fermented dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) and burdock (Arctium lappa) roots, hence the name.

Dandelion and burdock shares an origin with a number of drinks originally made from lightly fermented root extracts, such as root beer and sarsaparilla, supposedly as a health benefit. The dominant flavour in these other drinks is usually sassafras or wintergreen, both now derived artificially rather than from the plant itself, in part because during the 1960s, safrole, the major component of the volatile oil of sassafras, was found to be carcinogenic in rats. All of these drinks, while tasting similar, do have their own distinct flavour. Dandelion and burdock is most similar in flavour to sarsaparilla.


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